You lead the way

The learning experience in Cyou Live is versatile. There are no old-fashioned student, teacher roles here. Whenever you want, you can acquire new skills from the people you love and spread your knowledge by coaching others.

Your own community

This is not a social network that necessarily feels like having a large number of contacts and followers. The important thing here is how you feel comfortable and happy. If you want, you can experience learning and coach with people in your immediate social circle or with a community where you can meet new people every day.

A business in your mood

Here you have the freedom to generate income as you wish. No hiring process, a working life without challenging goals, and boring meetings. You can earn income as you imagine, whether by coaching for a few hours a week or by working at a full-time job intensity.

How Cyou Live Works

Which desired skills

Open for Tutors, Instructors and Experts!

Yes, Cyou Live is a social learning platform for everyone. Plus, it has optimized features for coaches’ monetization needs such as booking, payment solutions, and more…

Join us free now to start your business and build your own community.

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Today’s talented developers and teams create new remote learning tools for different kinds of categories and skills.

As an application that is open space for new ideas, it is so exciting for us to collaborate with others who do innovative, efficient, and useful tools.

If you have an ed-tech product that can apply to Cyou Live we would like to provide it to our users.